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Our mission is to provide resettlement services to marginalized and disadvantaged individuals seeking to change from a life of dependence to independence by offering the support services needed to make that transition successful.

If you are returning from incarceration, inpatient treatment for substance misuse, or have been a victim of domestic violence or other violent crimes, and are in need of a structured, safe and sober program, you may be eligible to participate in our Residential Re-entry and Supportive Services Program.  

Alaska has some of the highest recidivism rates and substance misuse rates in the country. Many of those incarcerated in Alaska come from a background that involved drugs and/or alcohol and their crimes are either directly or indirectly related to addiction.

When people are trying to break the cycle of drugs and crime, they require a certain level of structure and supervision. Left without that structure and supervision they often return to the same social environment or lifestyle which will ultimately lead to re-incarceration or death.

New Life Development offers basic services to help our participants break that cycle and begin a stable sober productive life.


Supportive Services
  • Affordable Transitional Housing 

  • Case Management

  • 24 Hour Supervision

  • Safe and Sober living Environment

  • Peer to Peer Support and Mentorship

  • Nightly Meals

  • Weekly AA/NA Meetings

  • Social Activities

  • Employment Services

  • Permanent Housing Placement

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Please make a tax deductible contribution to New Life Development Inc. All donations go to  housing, clothing  & feeding low income participants. 

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