Our mission is to provide resettlement services to marginalized and disadvantaged individuals seeking to change from a life of dependence to independence by offering the support services needed to make that transition successful.

If you are returning from incarceration, inpatient treatment for substance abuse, or have been a victim of domestic violence or other violent crimes, and are in need of a safe and sober transitional living facility, then you may be eligible to be part of the New Life Development Residential Program.  

Alaska has some of the highest recidivism rates and substance abuse rates in the country. Many of those incarcerated in Alaska come from a background of substance abuse while their crimes are either directly or indirectly related to their addiction.

When people are trying to break the cycle of drugs and crime, they require a certain level of structure and supervision. Left without that structure and supervision they often return to the same social environment or lifestyle which will ultimately lead to re-incarceration or death.

New Life Development offers basic services to help our participants break that cycle, and begin a stable sober productive lifestyle.


Supportive Services
  • Affordable Transitional Housing 

  • Case Management

  • 24 Hour Supervision

  • Safe and Sober living Environment

  • Peer to Peer Support and Mentorship

  • Nightly Meals

  • Weekly AA/NA Meetings

  • Social Activities

  • Employment Services

  • Permanent Housing Placement

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Please make a tax deductible contribution to New Life Development Inc. All donations go to  housing, clothing  & feeding low income participants. 

New Life Development, Inc. would like to thank our community partners: