Supportive Services

Please make a tax deductible contribution to New Life Development Inc. All donations go to  housing, clothing  & feeding low income participants. 

Affordable Transitional Housing 


New Life Development has the ability to house approximately 100 ​​people in clean and affordable facilities.  Our program requires a commitment of a minimum 6 months of participation, with a maximum of 18 months participation.

When new residents arrive they go into shared rooms and have the option to move into single rooms if they are able to stay in compliance with the rules and requirements.

Pricing is based on the type of room a person resides in, however everyone in the program is expected fallow the same rules and meet the same requirements regardless of the room type they are in. 

Program housing fees are as follows:   

Shared Room:  $350/Mo ($11.66/nt)

Apartment single room: $450/Mo. ($15/nt)


Shared Room: $350/Mo.

Apartment single room: $500/Mo.

Safe and Sober Living Environment 


All New Life Development facilities are sober facilities. Illicit drugs and alcohol is never permitted on the property and are grounds for discharge from the program.  New Life Development performs random Urine Analysis (UA) and Breath Alcohol Concentration (Brac) on all participants. Failure to provide a sample for testing, or attempts to provide a fake sample will result in immediate discharge from the program.  

Tests results that are positive for drugs or alcohol are sent to the participants parole officer or case manager, and possibly other authorities.   
New Life Development staff reserves the right to discharge a program participant for providing a positive UA or Brac. 

Weekly AA/NA Meetings 


At both facilities, residents coordinate either an AA meeting or an NA meeting once a month.   These meetings are open to the public and are advertised on the AA/NA regional meeting schedule.  New Life Development staff does not participate in those meetings.   At times, if a program participant is struggling with their sobriety, we may require them to attend the meetings until we feel necessary.   Sometimes, depending on an applicants history of addiction, we may make attending these meetings a condition of them being in our program.

Case Management


Program participants are required to meet with the onsite Case Manager on a regular basis, at the minimum of once a month.  The Case Manager helps participants with a wide range of services.  Participants can apply for Social Security, TANIF, and Medicaid.  The Case Manager can also help participants with issues around child custody, visitation or child support payments.

Our participants have a wide range of issues and are eligible for entitlements that they may not even be aware of.  By working closely with the Case Manager, they become better prepared for independence. 

Peer to Peer Support and Mentorship


Program participants volunteer to support one-another as peer mentors, helping navigate through their first weeks of release. It can be difficult and intimidating coming into a new facility or in some cases a new city.  Our residents work together to make new participants feel welcome and comfortable.   We may also assign a mentor to a new participant if we feel if would be beneficial and that they would be a good match.

Social Activities

Throughout the year New Life Development has a wide range of social activities that are meant to show the possibility of having a good time without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  We have large holiday dinners that are prepared by the residents themselves.  We may take a group to the movies, or bowling.  We taken residents to the State Fair every year.  Never at a cost to the program participant. 

Every year we also take the single parent residents or parents with visitation rights, and their children to the Anchorage Zoo.

Permanent Housing Placement

When a New Life Development Participant completes the program and are ready to move out and into their own apartment, we may help them by paying their security deposit to move in.  In order to be qualified for this assistance, the participant must be in good standing with the program, not owe money to the program, or is not being discharged for breaking program rules.   The participant must have completed at least six months with the program and have proved that they are ready to be independent.

24 Hour Supervision


New Life Development has staff on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The front desk monitors are available to answer any questions that program participants my have, and address the participants needs.  Desk monitors also serve as the eyes and the ears of the program.  They do room checks at night, and monitor the camera system for any inappropriate behavior at the facility.

Each facility also has a resident manager that lives on site and is available 24 hours a day to address the more pressing needs of the residents and emergency situations.

The Executive Director is responsible for any disciplinary actions that are taken in regards to the breaking of rules or not meeting program requirements.   The Executive Director is in daily contact with probation/parole officers, social workers, clinicians and others assigned to program participants.

Probation/parole officers regularly stop by the facility to check on residents that are on their case loads.  They will also come  to the facility if there is a problem with the program participant  and cannot be resolved by the staff. 

Nightly Meals


New Life Development has a cook on staff at both the men's and the women's facility. Meals are provided​​ by the program to every resident that requests to eat that day.  Food is bought at the Food Bank of Alaska, once a month and what cannot be found at the food bank, New Life Development will purchase so that every day at least one hot meal is available.   In 2016, New Life Development distributed approximately 14,000 meals between the men's and the women's facility.

Employment Services

Because one of the requirements to be in the New Life Development program is stable employment, our staff will help participants build their resumes, obtain their food handlers card, and direct them to companies that are hiring.  It does not usually take long for a new participant to find employment if they are actively looking.  We also refer program participants to some of our partner agencies that specialize in employment services for those who are harder to employ or have barriers to employment.